There Must Be More To Linguistics Than This

There have been many times I’m sure where your mind mentally gets stuck in would’ve, could’ve and should’ve as your body continues to go through the motions of everyday life.

Walking forward backwards.

The goal is always to move forward but with every step you take you find yourself either right back where you started as if the last few years or so of your life never happened…

Lately, each step towards finding or redefining who you are or who you thought you were has become a regression into this person you never thought you would ever be.

It could be with your career, your relationships, your parenting skills, your financial status, your physical appearance, your mental health, your living accommodations, your educational background – whatever the reason it’s taking its toll.

We’ve all been there and some of us still are.

As you try and fight your way out of the quicksand that has become your life, regression has gotten a grip on both your ankles – just remember that you still have the use of your hands and knees, so giving up is not an option.