It Starts and Ends with Exposition

“Life is a balanced system of learning and evolution. Whether pleasure or pain; every situation in your life serves a purpose. It is up to us to recognize what that purpose could be” — Steve Maraboli

There are many games of tug-of-war being played that stretch and pull you in ways that could sometimes help or hinder your creative growth. You may have the typical 9-to-5 that only allows you a couple of hours a day to work on your craft because the bills have to get paid, so that you can at least afford life’s necessities. There could be that significant other, husband, wife or lover that needs you to invest some of your time in them in order to allow your relationship to level-up. If you have children (or plan to at some point) the time and energy requirements for them is at the max because you are ultimately responsible for their development and along with that comes the shaping of their creative growth as well. Then there’s family – both extended and immediate – who need a sliver of your attention in order to keep those relationships thriving and in a healthy state.

When I think of balance the first thing that comes to mind are the scales held by Lady Justice — for others it may be quirky yoga poses.

Finding balance in your life in order for your creative energy to flourish as well as your well-being can be as simple as you being thoughtful and attentive or as elaborate as you setting priorities and sticking to a schedule.

For a creative individual, balance is a skill to be honed just like you would your craft. Having balance will help you to not neglect those important aforementioned relationships and maintain some modicum of a social life while still being able to do what you do best – create. It will also help keep you mentally sane.

It’s not only up to a creator to find balance. Your familial and social circle also have to be understanding when it comes to you and the time you need in order to create. As the saying goes, “it takes a village to raise a child” – it also takes a village to aid someone in reaching their creative potential (especially when you reach some level of success with your creativity and they’re expecting some type of kickback).

“Balance, peace and joy are the fruit of a successful life. It starts with recognizing your talents and finding ways to serve others by using them.” — Thomas Kincade