Far Side of the Monomyth

It’s practicing that pirouette, plie combo. It’s churning out 5,000 words a day towards that novel. It’s reciting your lines to yourself behind the stage on opening night.

There’s nothing like the feeling you get when you face a challenge head on; using whatever it takes – blood, sweat, tears…and in some cases even your deepest, darkest fear.

Just like a Daytona 500 race car tuning up at a pit stop – having modifications made to the tire pressure, debris removed from the radiator air intakes, cleaning of the windscreens and even slight adjustments to the suspension settings – It’s like blood, sweat, tears and fear working in unison. Assembling as one to fuel the machine that powers a person’s determination.

Determination is an emotional feeling that causes us to persevere towards a difficult goal in spite of any speed bumps or road blocks that may detour us away and off track.

THE SELF-DETERMINATION THEORY: suggests that social and cultural factors can influence a person’s sense of personal volition and initiative in regards to goals, performance and well-being.

Studies have proven that when a creative person is provided with all the essential resources and surrounded by their very own pit crew that believes in them and their talent, their dream or their goal – they become that much more determined, that much more capable of achieving said goal, dream or talent.

For a creative, having some determination is what will make things happen for you and what will eventually get you to the finish line in the end.