Queen of the Cliffhangers

There’s nothing worse than obsessing.

Obsessing over why you didn’t get a call back from an interview that you thought you nailed. Clearly, you weren’t as charismatic as you thought nor your qualifications and experience up to par. There’s always someone who’s just a little bit more better than you. The long list of thoughts that run through your head of all your faults and flaws take over and your resume doesn’t seem so impressive anymore.

Your determination…gone.

Obsessing over why it’s been two days since you received a text back from that guy or girl you like. You’ve been communicating nonstop since day one and then all of a sudden – nothing…radio silence (probably the worse form of the silent treatment ever). Now all you can think about is “did you say the wrong thing the last time you spoke,” and if you did – all parts of that last conversation replays in the forefront of your mind pushing out all rational thought.

Your self-confidence…gone.

Obsessing over your fifth rejection letter in a row for a creative piece of work you poured your heart and soul into. Thinking it was so damn good that there was no way you wouldn’t finally get the recognition you felt you deserved for so damn long. That last rejection letter though could be the final nail in the coffin that has you reconsidering what you thought was your true purpose in life.

Your motivation…gone.

When obsession takes over with its death grip (Vulcan nerve pinch for all you Trekkies out there). Squeezing ever so tightly on that pressure point at the top of your shoulder near the base of your neck; it nearly paralyzes you. That’s when self-doubt knocks on the door, moves in and kicks up its feet like a visiting relative who over stays their welcome.

Even the most strong-minded person can pick themselves up, dust themselves off and try again oh so many times.

So, when do you just give up and throw in the towel and are you considered weak if you do?