Land of a Million Run-On Sentences


What am I doing when I have 5 different tabs open on my laptop, reading the latest WestAllen fanfic on my ipad, and scrolling through Instagram posts while intermittently playing Bejeweled on my iphone as Netflix plays on my TV screen in the background?

Most of you would guess: multitasking, which would be accurate and the most logical answer. If you were to add two kids under the age of 10 and an anklebiter to the scene above — it would mirror my life to a tee. I take pride in my ability to multitask. It truly is an art form, but it can be a detriment to the creative process.

So the correct guess would be: NOT focusing

Focus feeds your creativity. If you’re focused on your talent or a creative task you can accomplish more than you can with distractions – when you have so many things demanding your attention you lack focus.