The Second Syllable to the Right

Second chances, huh? It’s funny to me that “second chances” are/is even a concept because it really all depends on the person you’ve given the second chance to and the type of wrong that they’ve committed. It really shouldn’t be considered a “second chance” because more often than not you’ve really given that person three, four, five and maybe even six chances to do right or do better.

I’m definitely guilty of giving NO chances, giving ONLY a second chance and giving thrice chances and then some. I always tend to give more chances to the person that shows me time and again that they didn’t even deserve the first chance. I want so bad to believe that people can be good, have good intentions or mean well, but…I always end up sadly disappointed.

It’s a struggle.

The realist in me is always on guard. This wall of mine is made of indestructible brick and reinforced with Amazonium. Always thinking, wondering and questioning if people have a hidden agenda…because if so, I need to be alert and 10 steps ahead so I don’t get played. Then there’s the daydream believer in me that wants to give people the benefit of a doubt even when they’ve shown me their worst selves because I want to believe if given a second chance, they will prove me wrong (please, prove me wrong) and do right.

I suppose that leads into expectations and/or standards…