GramMixxed: Trees Grow Tall and Then They Fall

There is nothing more magical to watch than the leaves from summer change from one color to many as they swirl to the ground. Bathing the earth in bold tones akin to nature; the beauty of it all — as it happens right outside your window. It’s a great visual motivator while you sit snug, wearing your favorite sweater, cupping a mug of something warm as a blank screen or piece of canvas looks back at you waiting to be blessed with at least one of the many leaves of creative thoughts swirling around in your head. Let this playlist provide a backdrop of autumnal inspiration…

01. Right As Rain || Adele || 2008
You really can’t go wrong with Adele and this auricularly retro, slightly upbeat tune reminiscent of another British powerhouse, Amy Winehouse, to set the playlist’s tone.

02. Try and You Try || Cleo Sol || 2018

“When all is gone to grey. the yellow from the rays astray. Under my feet are stones that chill my body to the bone. As the mist falls heavenly.” Those words strung together are a reader’s dream. Tell me more. My emotions are hanging by a thread…

03. Cooling || Alicia Wiley || 2010

I had the pleasure of meeting Ms. Wiley several years ago when I added her to a local showcase I would put together twice a month. Her voice coupled with her piano playing skills are topnotch. If she ever happens to trip and fall down the rabbit hole known as the world wide web and comes across this post by happenstance — please put your very first CD on itunes. It deserves to be heard.

04. Come To Me High || Rumer || 2010
Not to be confused with another actress / artist named Rumer who is the daughter of Demi Moore & Bruce Willis and also has the voice of a heavenly songbird. This Rumer (aka Sarah Joyce) has an interesting background worthy of an MOW and just so happens to be the 3rd Brit to grace this playlist.

05. Burn || Norah Jones || 2016
“…your cigarette cuts through. I wear it like perfume.” The mix of cigarettes and perfume is not a pleasant smell but on a song sung by Norah Jones it meshes quite nicely. Giving the listener a clear cut visual. As you can hear, there was a bit of a cooling period at the start of the playlist. Now it’s time to heat things up a bit and create a slow burn throughout the night.

06. Turiya and Ramakrishna || Alice Coltrane || 1970
With each tinkle of the ivories, with each sweep of the snare and with every jingle of the bells — the equally talented wife of John Coltrane proves that Jazz can be just as contemplative without lyrics as any other form of music with lyrics.

07. November || Duncan Sheik || 1996

Welcome to the sole gentleman to make an appearance on such a seemingly melancholic playlist. “To leave behind the wasted time and every bad decision.” A line that has plagued everyone’s mind more times than any of us would care to admit. This song is best heard in a dimly lit room with a blazing fireplace and something warm and frothy or crisp and smooth to sip on as you get lost in its beautiful string arrangement.