Eat, Sleep, NaNoWriMo

NaNoWriMo (aka National Novel Writing Month) finally ended over the weekend and I can regain some normalcy and get back into my usual routine. I have been participating in this event for probably the last 5 years (maybe…possibly more). Each time it’s a new writing project that I never complete but the experience of it all has always been the most exciting aspect to me (one of these years I will actually start and complete a novel in 30 days). This year I approached it differently, though. I decided to use the time to re-evaluate and restructure my blog / website along with fleshing out some other ideas I have. I debuted this blog / website back in August with just the idea that I wanted to:

  • A.) Constantly be writing something.
  • B.) Build a writing platform for myself.
  • C.) Bring to the forefront all the things that inspire me on a daily basis to want to create. I adore other people’s creativity and trying to intertwine that into my writing platform has been interesting – and at times, out of place or so it seemed.

I came up with a lot of fresh ideas that I look forward to exploring once the new year begins. I welcome feedback with open arms, so if there is something on the site that I could do more of, less of or doesn’t make sense – feel free to leave a comment. Now back to our regularly scheduled program…