The Grammar-less Life’s Favorite Posts of 2019

The Grammar-less Life is roughly 5 to 6 months old. Making its debut in late July, early August of 2019. Even though this blog is barely half a year old I still thought writing a Favorite Posts of 2019 post was still befitting, so here is a list of some of my favorite posts from 2019:

  • 01. Living is a Parody Because Everyone Dies posted on 7/14/19. Written about a brush with “death” that I had experienced in the beginning of the year of 2019. I don’t go into much detail about the experience (one day I will), but I mainly share my feelings about death and how that experience kind of prompted me to create this blog.
  • 02. GramMixxed: Memory Lame posted on 8/5/19. So far my favorite music compilation post that played off of the #10yearchallenge hashtag where I chose one song that was released each year from 2009 to 2019 – that was either a single or on an album – to help describe where I was in my life mentally, emotionally and physically.
  • 03. GrammARTiste: Geneva Benson posted on 8/15/19. First off, let me just clarify that I like all the artists that I feature via GrammARTiste. I chose Geneva Benson as my favorite of 2019 because I have been following her work on Instagram for a while now and the characters that she creates not only look like me but they have this colorful, slightly quirky essence about them that makes them unique because you don’t usually see black girls or black women portrayed in life or art with that type of innocence.
  • 04. Pulse of the City Interview posted on 8/19/19. This was an interview I did a couple of years ago with a friend who I originally met back in 2005. I’m not one who likes to talk about myself let alone listen to myself talk about myself, but this was an enjoyable conversation between two people who go way back; talking about all things concerning The Arts. The comradery, the stories and the music was definitely on point for this hour-long conversation.
  • 05. Queen of the Cliffhangers posted on 9/25/19. Written about my need to obsess over certain aspects of my life. I have a tendency to overanalyze to the point of exhaustion and doing so can have a major effect on your mood, your energy and your motivation, which in turn burns out your creativity.
  • 06. Nothing Less Than a Masterpiece (poem) posted on 11/4/19. This is my second favorite piece of poetry that I have ever written (Woman on the Verge is my first). If you read the follow-up backstories to the poetry, essays and fiction that I post, which usually explains how the pieces I’ve written came about, then you will be well aware that the majority of my poetry comes from a personal place. Nothing Less Than a Masterpiece was written in my 20s and it was written based on how I viewed my body / appearance at that time as a young woman coming into her own. Read the backstory on Nothing Less Than a Masterpiece here.

Hope you enjoyed going back and re-reading some of my favorite posts from 2019. Here’s to many more posts in 2020 and hopefully you all continue on this ride with me, because there is so much more to come. As always, thanks for reading!

Do you have a favorite Grammar-less Life post from 2019? If so, let me know in the comments!