The Chase is Better Than the Catachresis

Trying to live a creative life can be difficult yet easy all at the same time. Yet, time is not always my friend. As much as I would like to do I am quite often left with the option of just imagining or thinking. I am constantly formulating something creative in my head while doing the most mundane activities like washing dishes. I am often caught daydreaming when I should be concentrating on more grown-up things like: making dinner, helping with homework and paying bills.


When time does permit, I try and do things – no matter how minor – to keep the right side of my brain flexing enough to keep those creative juices flowing [reference post: You Know Where Your Creative Juices Are?], such as:

  • Listening to music…whether listening to my favorite artists body of work, just putting my phone on shuffle or discovering up-and-coming musical talent not only helps me unwind but gets the juices flowing properly because when I listen to music I automatically think of the song being played in a scene or the soundtrack to a film.
  • Reading screenplays……my forte has ALWAYS been screenwriting, so I would constantly read them in order to perfect my craft. Novels, short stories and the like were never an option because I felt like my grammar skills sucked to put it simply. Things change, people grow and skills develop over time and with much practice.
  • Viewing work from other artists…such as painters and drawers. My intro and love of The Arts originally stemmed from visual art. I wanted to be a cartoonist, so when I view all these talented artists on social media platforms such as Instagram – my heart swells. There is so much untapped talent out there.
  • Reading biographies…I have a fascination with wanting to know every detail of a person in the business of The Arts. From their humble beginnings to their struggles to their success. How they overcame their pitfalls and picked themselves back up again. Reading their stories give me motivation.
  • Watching lots and lots of television and film…I never (and still don’t) understood performers who often say I don’t watch TV or I don’t watch movies. How do you NOT keep tabs on what is happening in your line of work so that you can better perfect your craft? To me, that’s like a chef saying I don’t eat. How is that possible? Watching TV and film is how I get my inspiration, my drive to want to create something just as good as what I am watching or better.

I would eventually like to add doing something creative with my kids to the list soon. They have shown ways of wanting to express themselves creatively and I’d like to be a part of that process with them.

QUESTION: What are some ways that you live a creative life or live your life creatively?