Cross My T’s and Dot My I’s

Often times during certain peak moments in your life you are encouraged to write a bucket list. When you’re young and in your twenties your list is filled with adventure, excitement and risk. When you’re in your thirties your list may consist of things you want to do with your kids or significant other. When you’re in your forties the list usually focuses on all the stuff you didn’t do in your 20s and 30s. When you’re in your fifties that’s when your list starts to represent all the things you want to do and experience before you leave this earth.

These lists can be very long and somewhat intimidating to tackle, so I’ve decided to create a specific bucket list geared towards writing and what I would like to accomplish, experience and try as a creative writer (this is just a partial list):

  • Actually complete a book at the end of NaNoWriMo
  • Adapt my favorite novel into a screenplay
  • Become a mentor to a teen who wants to become a writer
  • Buy a fancy, expensive journal and write in it faithfully for a year
  • ….. DONE

  • Collaborate with Shonda Rhimes and/or Ava Duvernay
  • Create an avenue for new writers to be seen / heard
  • Go on a writer’s retreat in Maine or Vermont
  • Have my book featured on Oprah’s book club
  • Join or start a creative writing class or club
  • Open up a workspace environment for creatives to collaborate, research and create freely
  • Purchase a table and attend a writing convention
  • Purchase a typewriter
  • Self-publish a book
  • Start my own personal library
  • Teach a creative writing class
  • Throw a book-themed party
  • Write a chapbook
  • Write a children’s book
  • Write a novel series
  • Write under a pen name

People say that if you put certain things out into the universe and speak on it as if you believe without a doubt it will one day come into fruition, then it will manifest – maybe not today, maybe not tomorrow but it will happen one day when the timing is right.

SIDENOTE: The main goal is to start ticking these experiences off one by one so check back and see which experiences I have been able to accomplish.

QUESTION: Name 5 things on your creativity bucket list…