This website/blog was created as a passion project used to release creative energy, display creative energy, motivate others to create with their own energy and for others to show their support for those who love to use their creative energy mixed in with some personal anecdotes and experiences.


How do you talk about yourself without seeming arrogant and self-absorbed? Hmmm…

I have a son, a daughter and a dog named Max.

I’ve always worked a 9-5 with a part-time or a side hustle rooted in The Arts.

I eat words (sometimes whole sentences full)
I breathe in the smell of graphite on the daily
I bleed copious amounts of ink
I daydream about character arcs and subplots
And I find the illuminating glow of a computer screen hypnotizing. The clicking and clacking of keyboard keys are like a version of the Pavlovian response to me.

When I’m happy I write
When I’m sad I write
When I’m mad I write

Whatever the time, place or emotion I’m feeling I always find a reason to write…unless I’m lacking motivation or in a writer’s block type of funk, but even if that is the case – I still manage to formulate stories in my head.

I’m a writer, so I write stuff: articles, stage-plays, screenplays, poetry, essays, fan fiction, flash fiction, non-fiction, micro fiction (yes, there is such a thing…isn’t it) and soon to be a novel or 3.

I have a Bachelor’s degree in Journalism and Mass Communications but a Masters in TV binge watching (it provides plenty of inspiration and entertainment) and a Minor in movie-going from MHMCSENA (My House My Couch Someone Else’s Netflix Account) Community College.

I’ve dibbled and dabbled in everything from painting to music production to filmmaking all with a side of entrepreneurship.

The visual, performing and fine Arts are a special set of triplets that have been my besties since I first put pencil to paper and drew my very first picture. They have guided me and nurtured me and shaped the best parts of me.

Thanks for reading!