Dear New Year 2020,

It’s only been a week or so, yet so far this year is going down a path of unpredictability. This new decade has been hashtagged #theroaring20s, as if that’s never been used before. I have gotten off to a slow start but I’m hoping to pick up some steam real soon. Can’t say I’m quite looking forward to a year of unpredictability. At this stage in my life I’m all about stability. I no longer have the time or the patience for unwarranted surprises that bring forth brick walls, obstacles and forks in the road to my creative freedom. I have a lot of creative endeavors I’d like to start, explore and finally finish this year. At this point I need a break – I deserve a break – a break that lasts longer than a split second would be very much appreciated.

Yours truly,

I’m definitely guilty of giving NO chances, giving ONLY a second chance and giving thrice chances and then some. I always tend to give more chances to the person that shows me time and again that they didn’t even deserve the first chance. I want so bad to believe that people can be good, have good intentions or mean well, but…I always end up sadly disappointed.

I happen to capture a glimpse of true love and adoration in my daughter’s eyes or I hear the excitement in my son’s voice when he’s explaining something to me that he’s really passionate about. It’s in those moments that I find a bit more slag when I thought I was at the end of my rope.

When obsession takes over with its death grip (Vulcan nerve pinch for all you Trekkies out there). Squeezing ever so tightly on that pressure point at the top of your shoulder near the base of your neck; it nearly paralyzes you. That’s when self-doubt knocks on the door, moves in and kicks up its feet like a visiting relative who over stays their welcome.