Dear New Year 2020,

It’s only been a week or so, yet so far this year is going down a path of unpredictability. This new decade has been hashtagged #theroaring20s, as if that’s never been used before. I have gotten off to a slow start but I’m hoping to pick up some steam real soon. Can’t say I’m quite looking forward to a year of unpredictability. At this stage in my life I’m all about stability. I no longer have the time or the patience for unwarranted surprises that bring forth brick walls, obstacles and forks in the road to my creative freedom. I have a lot of creative endeavors I’d like to start, explore and finally finish this year. At this point I need a break – I deserve a break – a break that lasts longer than a split second would be very much appreciated.

Yours truly,

I’m definitely guilty of giving NO chances, giving ONLY a second chance and giving thrice chances and then some. I always tend to give more chances to the person that shows me time and again that they didn’t even deserve the first chance. I want so bad to believe that people can be good, have good intentions or mean well, but…I always end up sadly disappointed.